Admission Policy

First Circle of Friends policy is that children must be three by August 31st of the current school year to be eligible for enrollment in the three-year old class. Please note, in our experience, children born in May, June, July and August, benefit greatly by delaying their start in school an additional year, giving them time to gain valuable growth in emotional maturity, regardless of academic readiness. We have found this delay fosters strong self-esteem and positive leadership qualities that are carried throughout the academic career.  We ask children with summer birthdays to attend our “Summer Camp” in July, after which we will discuss with the parents if our setting is appropriate for these young ones. The following guidelines will help you assess your child’s preschool readiness:

  1. If confronted with social challenges, can they handle this independently, that is without a parent?
  2. Do they have the verbal capacity to help solve this issue?
  3. Would they be able to complete a task without lots of prompting and help from the teacher?
  4. How independent are they in toileting, eating, dressing and helping self?
  5. Can they deal with basic level of conflict without you?
  6. Are they able to separate without a great deal of stress?
  7. Will they be able to talk with and respond to a teacher?
  8. Can they follow simple instructions?
  9. Do they show some interest in peers?
  10. Can they take responsibility at a basic level of their own possessions? e.g. help pick or pack up?
  11. Are they capable of transitional changes – that is stopping play and moving into next activity without difficulty?

Upon completion of the year, teachers will recommend placement for the following year.