Families, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for inquiring at First Circle of Friends

In thinking about what has come to set us apart from other schools in the 30 years we have had our doors open, I recently came to the quiet conclusion that it is our “caring”.

My parents are now in their 80s and recently sought a new internist. In their many years of experience, they continue to seek three major qualities as they choose a new doctor: knowledge and skill combined with great caring. As parents choosing a school for our children’s first “school experience”, we of course desire and demand those same traits in our children’s first teachers.

Our staff here at First Circle of Friends has over 150 years of combined experience! One or the other of us has taught kindergarten, music, Sunday School, physical education and/or classroom at elementary level in addition to our years in preschool! Each of us has a deep love and caring not only for the children in our classrooms but for their families as well.

Before welcoming the children in at the beginning of each day, we pray together, seeking God’s wisdom, discernment, gentleness, joy, kindness and patience. We strive to treat each child in the same manner that we deeply desire the teachers of our own children to treat them! In fact, the reason I became a teacher is because of the way I was treated when I was in school—both positively and negatively. My life mission, and that of our staff, is to love and care for children in the same way God cared for the little children who came to Him during His earthly ministry.

Blessings to each of you,

Teacher Chery, First Circle of Friends Founder